SACMI Ibérica shines in the 1st Castellón Business Race

The company promotes the values of sport and teamwork in this charity event.

SACMI Ibérica was present at the 1st Castellón Business Race, demonstrating its commitment to the values of sport and teamwork. The company has actively participated in this competition, which brought together different companies from the region in a day full of solidarity and joint effort.

The event was an opportunity to highlight the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to foster camaraderie among the employees and collaborators of the participating companies. The race, which took place in Castellón, was a success in terms of participation and enthusiasm.

SACMI Ibérica was represented in the race by four of its employees: David Navidad, Pedro Martínez, Sergio Juan and José Ángel Campos. These colleagues have shown their commitment to the company and to sport, demonstrating that teamwork is essential both in the workplace and in sport.

From SACMI Ibérica, we would like to thank the effort and dedication of these colleagues, who have carried the name of the company in this solidarity race. We would also like to express our regret that, due to health problems, Eduardo Planes and Lorenzo Pérez were unable to participate in the competition. We wish them a speedy recovery and hope to count on their presence in future editions of the Carrera de Empresas.

The 1st Castellón Company Race was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that, at SACMI Ibérica, we believe in the importance of sport and in the promotion of values such as effort, companionship and solidarity. We are proud to have been part of this event and we hope to continue participating in initiatives that promote the union between companies and the welfare of our employees.

SACMI Ibérica shines in the 1st Castellón Business Race